People of all ages came out today and enjoyed a 1.7k, 3.7k, 9k or 18k race. A skiff of snow overnight added to the fine tracks laid by the grooming team the day before. Some people had problems with build up of snow on their ski bases but others raced round the courses at high speed. Thanks to Riley for coordinating the event, Hal and Ron for transporting the tent, refreshments and other equipment up to the start area and back to base at the end, Gail and Randi-Lynn for registering participants,  Sarah who thankfully did not have any first aid to administer and Karen and others who helped make the event a success. Ron and Riley collected all the course markers after the event.

The results will be posted when received.  See more photos at

If you have photos of the event that you would like to share please send compressed (less than 1MB) versions of them to the club’s email address.