We have a truck and 2 sleds that pack the trails than pull a Tidd or Ginzu to lay the tracks. Currently the 2 sleds are out of action. One has a hole in the fuel tank. Our team haha been trying to source a replacement tank for this 2012 sled as repairs done so far do not seem to be holding. Of course getting parts for anything more than a few years old is a problem. The other sled has a major oil leak and this should be fully diagnosed next week. The wiring on the Tidd had to be replaced as it was too stiff in the cold and causing connectors to break.
The grooming team has been working very hard to keep the equipment operational. While little new snow is for the next week, if we cannot get some of these issues resolved before the next snowfall, our ability to promptly groom trails could be impacted. So the grooming team is doing its best in the meantime.