When I saw last night’s grooming report saying there was 7 – 10 kms of new snow on the upper trails, I thought I’d better get out there this morning. Coleman got none of this new snow. As the report said, there’s only a skiff of new snow at the parking lot. But that has meant the first hill up mainline from the parking area is at least skiable unlike it was a week ago. Conditions are much better after you’ve got up the first hill. I headed along Marten as far as the side of the compound then skied Whitetail. This is in really good condition and it gets better the higher up you go. I then turned left onto Bullmoose to get to Cutline. I almost turned round to enjoy what would be an enjoyable ski down – instead I went on a route I’d not skied before – the backcountry route connecting junctions 612 to 723. I definitely do NOT recommend doing this on skis until we get more snow to cover obstacles and even out the terrain. After having a snack on the bench by the upper shelter, I skied Whiskey Jack. I met a group from the Calgary area coming the other way. The ski along Whiskey Jack was excellent. I do not recommend trying to ski along the trail above the road down to the lake as that did not improve the base of my skis! I returned to the parking area via the Camp trails to junction 102 and those trails were in good condition as well. Hopefully the weather does not get too warm before most of you folk can come out for the weekend. Photos above are of Mainline and Mt Tecumseh, and Cutline from Whiskey Jack.

Above is the view along Whitetail north of Choker and below Chinook Lake and Deadman Peak from above the road down to the lake.