Hi everyone.
This is the last big push to complete trail work before the ski season.  We’re looking for 5 or 6 people to help on Monday November 14, and depending how the day goes, maybe Wednesday Nov 16.  We’ll meet at the Allison garage and work till you can.  3pm at the latest.
  • Tools
    • Work gloves, hearing and eye protection, dress for weather, lunch and snacks as required.
    • A bit of chainsaw work (We have one)  You must be Chainsaw certified to operate a chainsaw at Allison
    • brush saws (we have two) Bring hearing and eye protection if you plan on brushing
    • hand pole saws  (we have two)
    •  loppers. (we have one)
    • Cordless drill or driver with Robertson bit for regular deck screws
  • Brushing
    • We have brushing to do on some of the lower camp loops and on a portion of Chinook
    • Tree limb removal to widen both sides of Shotgun and a portion of the lower Camp loop
  • Trail blazes to install
    • Parts of Chinook trail
    • Part of Snowshoe Hare trail
    • Part of Rabbit trail
Please let me know if you can make it so I can prepare a plan for the day.
I Hope see you there.
Larry Hennig