Crowsnest Nordic Ski Club Annual General Meeting

Crowsnest Pass Golf Clubhouse

Thursday, Oct 19, 2023 7:00 pm

  1. Call to Order (Caleb Schulz – Chair)
  2. Motion to Adopt the Agenda
  3. Motion to adopt the Minutes of the 2022 Annual General Meeting
  4. President’s Report: Powerpoint Presentation (Board Members)
  5. Treasurer’s Report
    1. Motion to adopt the Audited Financial Statement
    2. Motion to appoint the Auditors – 2
  6. Election of President and Directors

The Board is made up of 6 Board members, a President, and a Past President. The 2022/23 Board is noted below:

  • ●  Past President – Caleb Schulz
  • ●  President – vacant
  • ●  Board Members – Riley Weibe, Darrell Archibald, Michelle Nummi, Alistair Des

    Moulins, Georg Wendrich, Julie Engelhardt

    The following Board members will be remaining to complete the second year of their

    two-year term.

  • ●  Past President – Caleb Schulz
  • ●  President – Vacant
  • ●  Board Member – Alistair Des Moulins
  • ●  Board Member – Georg Wendrich
  • ●  Board Member – Julie Engelhardt
  • ●  Board Member – Vacant
  • ●  Board Member – Vacant
  • ●  Board Member – Vacant

    We will be asking for nominations for the remaining 3 Board member positions and President. I will make three calls for nominations for these positions.

    Note: Alistair Des Moulins is serving the last year of his final third term.

7. Announcements

  1. ●  Snowshoe Leaders are needed to help pack in the trail during early snow. Contact

    Riley Wiebe

  2. ●  If an organizing committee can be recruited, the Flight of the Crows Loppet will

    go ahead February 3, 2024. Because a loppet is a Citizen Race, we can make it

    whatever we want.

  3. ●  Ski Loan date will run in conjunction with the Pass Powder Keg Ski Swap, dates

    tentatively Nov 3-4, 2023. Appointments may be required, stay tuned as we

    approach this date and volunteers are required.

  4. ●  New coaches are always welcome for the Youth Ski Program. Please contact

    Michelle Nummi (email the Club and she will get the message)

  5. ●  Alpenland Partnership – 10% discount on Clothing, Gloves & toques, Outerwear, Goggles & helmet, Ski and snowboard service work and Boot fitting
  6. ● Spry Partnership – 20% off all Nordic Ski’s, Poles, Bindings, Boots and Ski Accesories as well as Craft Apparel for In-Store Purchases Only until November 19th

8. Other Business:
Online Membership Registration will be live prior to Oct 19th.

9. Adjournment: