Allison-Chinook Trail Etiquette

Please note: Dogs are not allowed at the Allison Chinook parking lot trails but are allowed on trails starting from the Tecumseh trail head.

Cross Country Responsibility CodePlease observe the following trail etiquette and we can all enjoy the area safely:

  • Read and understand the “Cross Country Responsibility Code” on this page.
  • No motorized vehicles are permitted on any of the posted cross country ski trails.
  • Maintain the classic ski tracks by not skate skiing, walking, or snowshoeing on them.
  • No dogs are allowed December 1 to March 31 except at the Dog Friendly Trails accessed from its separate parking area.  Please see the map for this information.  Absolutely no dogs are allowed to access trails from the main parking area.
  • If you are not a member of the Crowsnest Pass Cross Country Ski Association consider leaving a donation in the donation box at the trailhead kiosk. Recommended donation amounts:
    • $5 per family
    • $1 per person for large groups such as school groups, or visiting clubs.
    • Donations go towards maintenance of the trails.

With so many more people using winter trails, conflicts between different user types made it necessary for the CNSC to adjust our thinking to welcome snowshoes, fat bikes and hikers to the winter trails at Allison.  We created new trails to reduce user conflicts, and have installed AB Parks trail use signs that indicate the type of activity you can do on a particular trail.  Please respect all users by obeying these trail use signs, so everyone can enjoy their winter activity on the Allison Chinook trails.  You will see the new trail use signs and maps throughout the Allison trail system

Allison trail map:

The map shows the new multi-use trails, marked with orange lines.  These trails can be used by snowshoers, fat bikers, winter hikers and skiers.   Mainline trail and Rainbow Run trails are shared use trails and are groomed for skiers on one side and all other winter users on the other.  Signs clearly designate which side to use and we thank you for obeying these signs.  

You will see this trail use sign on the orange multi-use trails on the map.  You can ski, snowshoe, hike or ride a fat bike on these trails.  CNSC volunteers spent hundreds of hours making multi-use trails for your activities and enjoyment.  Please respect other users by obeying these signs.

  Allison Creek Bench, Creekside, Rabbit, Otter, Chickadee and the edges of Mainline & Rainbow Run are machine packed for fat bikes.  The rest are user packed.  

You will see this sign on the Tecumseh dog friendly trails.  Dog friendly trails are highlighted in yellow on the map and dogs are welcome on these trails year around. 

Please, no dogs on the rest of the trails after Dec 1.   Dog friendly trail boundaries will be clearly marked.

Please respect other users by obeying these signs.

Ski only trails are marked with green or blue lines on the map. These trails are groomed for classic skiing and for skate skiing where possible.   

You will see this sign on “ski only” trails.  If you are snowshoeing, hiking or fat biking, please do not use these trails.  Remember, ski trails are groomed wide enough to accommodate both classic and skate skiing.

You may think there is room for snowshoeing, hiking or fat biking on the trail edge, but doing so ruins the groomed trail for skiers.  The divots you make on the trail surface make skate skiing or snow plowing difficult and dangerous for skiers.  It also reduces skier enjoyment at Allison.  Please respect skiers by obeying these signs.