The Objectives of the Society are:

a. To provide a system of Southwestern Alberta cross country ski trails for use by the
community residents and the general public.
b. To provide programs that meet the physical needs of the cross country ski community.
c. To provide a safe and secure venue for cross country skiing.
d. To support cross country skiing through educational programs related to the
development, maintenance and use of cross country ski trails.
e. To promote and support outdoor recreation.
e. To lease, purchase or acquire facilities and equipment to develop and maintain cross
country ski trails.
f. To raise funds in any way to achieve the objects of the Society. This includes but is not
limited to gifts, donations, grants, legacies, bequests and inheritances.
g. To borrow funds and lease, mortgage, invest, sell and dispose of property and assets of
the Society and to establish lines of credit to achieve the objects of the Society.