A bit more snow has fallen since the snow on 8th. Mainline is excellent but there are still some thin snow areas on the first part of the camp loops. The trails around the campsites are excellent. For a change we skied down the hill to the lake and followed Otter on the south side of the lake. Otter often has bare spots but today despite rather shallow snow in places it was skiable and we did not see any hazards. From junction 705 to junction 709 there was more snow. We skied all the way to junction 711. The snow was rather shallow in places and we had to avoid 1 rock and a large tree root. The ski back to 707 was generally good. We then decided to ski directly to junction 706. We have done this before but today taking that route was a bad decision. OK for hikers and snowshoers but NOT XC skiers! We skied the north side of the lake and then down Rainbow which surprisingly had snow all the way from the dam back to the parking area.