When we got to the parking area at 9:30 this morning we surprised there was only one vehicle there. We were soon on our skis. We went via Camp and the long camp loop to Mill and then up to the upper shelter. We returned via Cutline, Bullmoose, Whitetail and Marten to the parking area by 12:30. By then there were 20 vehicles in the parking area. The 15 cms of snow that mostly came down on 21st has been nicely groomed and conditions are excellent – equalling the best days of the season so far. It looks like warmer weather may return by Wednesday. Hopefully there will be some more snow before our season officially ends on Sunday 31st. There is unlikely to be any trail grooming after that but people are still welcome to ski the trails.

Photos of the long camp loop. Plenty of snow still on the trails and about 60 cms depth at the upper shelter.

Last weekend, rather than ski the trails in the warm weather, we were snowshoeing on ridges north of town.