Many people came out today to participate in our rescheduled loppet. The kids took part in a 1.8 km or 3.7km course and the adults skied the 9 km loop once or twice. 3 of the younger ones actually did the 3.7 km course twice! The weather was a cool -11C with some light snow. The 18 km event was a race to the finish with the lead changing at least twice. In the end the young guy came in about 30 seconds ahead of the old guy (35 years his senior) – both taking less than 1.5 hours to do the course.

Many thanks to Lindy (organizer) and her volunteer crew who helped make the event a success. Special thanks to the grooming team who track set the course on Friday evening and then to Larry and Doug who, on seeing more snow had fallen, came out to go over the 9 km course again this morning.

Photos of the 1.8km/3.7km events start, some 3.7 km event participants and the 3 who finished the 18 km event. More photos at

Note for next year: ball point pens don’t work well in -11C weather. I wonder whether the old fountain pens would work!?