The club board has been considering whether to upgrade the shelter at the end of Mill or replace it with something else. We have partnered with Crowsnest Consolidated High School and they have built a new shelter to a design used by another ski area. We had hoped to have it in place in the Camp trails area for this season but as getting it there now would damage the existing trails it will remain at at the start of Rainbow Run until we can get it moved to its location.

The web guy has been out of the country for the last month so missed the -40C temperatures earlier this month.  Daytime, and some night time, temperatures have been above freezing during the last 5 days. Last night the temperature rose to +7C. So we decided just to go for a walk to the lake today rather than take our skis. Welly boots would be more appropriate footwear for the area by the notice board but 2 people skiing and towing baby carriers assured us that conditions were better, but still soft, higher up. We walked up to the lake and saw that there is much surface water on the lake. We found a pair of glasses at the first bench on the north side of the lake and left them there.

With even warmer weather forecast we can only hope that the forecast snow for Saturday (on one forecast) comes earlier so we have some reasonable conditions for our annual loppet (ski race) on Saturday 3rd February. See  . More details of that have been emailed out and further details will be posted later. So time to start the snow dance.