A huge thank you to the 40 or so volunteers who showed up for today’s work day.  We accomplished more than expected and our day was a complete success.   Our volunteers are the best and we could not do what we do without you!

Our accomplishments today:

  • Over 100 pairs of skis waxed and prepared for the ski loan day
  • Day area cleaned up and brushed
  • Ski racks and some signs moved to day area
  • 350 feet of snow fencing installed on lower Mainline
  • Jack rabbit trail brushing complete
  • All camp loops brushing completed
  • Rabbit, Snowshoe Hare, Chinook and Chinook Ridge snowshoe trails cleared of old blue flagging, cleared of deadfall, and hand limbing and brushing.
  • Deadfall cleared on Cutoff and leaners removed from Chinook Ridge
  • Signs completed around Chinook Lake   

Thanks to all of you from the CNSC Board