While most of you were looking outside and thinking I wish it was either warmer, or cooler so that this precipitation would be snow and I could ski, most of the Grooming Crew (as seen on the Grooming Crew Page), the web guy and Brent were out preparing the site for a new shelter that is being built at the Crowsnest Consolidated High School by students. The chosen site is a potentially sunny spot near the old rifle range. There were some dead trees close to the site so the crew that are chain saw certified worked on felling the dead trees and sawing them into small sections. Meanwhile 3 people cleared an old trail that leads from Mainline junction 102 directly to the site of the shelter. The work was completed in about 3 hours and thanks to all those who showed up to work. Thanks to Karen N for some of the photos. The web guy did do some work as well as take photos.